Who We Are ?

Dalang Digital Studio, rooted in Jakarta Indonesia, stands as a premier Visual Effects and Animation Company dedicated to elevating the film and advertising industry. For nearly two decades, our passionate and talented team has crafted visual marvels. Proudly collaborating with diverse clients and partners worldwide, we've played a pivotal role in advancing the Indonesian film industry. Join us on a journey of boundless creativity and cinematic innovation.

The Meaning

The word “Dalang” has several
meanings in Indonesia. Dalang
comes from the title given to the
person who leads behind the puppet
show. Because of its nature, the word
“Dalang” has become a term that has
another meaning, namely someone
who is responsible for something

The Founder

Gaga Nugraha's journey began in 2004 as a CG Artist in the commercial industry. His artistic prowess and dedication to the craft set the stage for a remarkable trajectory. In 2008, he founded Dalang Digital Studio, a venture born from a deep-seated passion for visual storytelling.

As Gaga transitioned from commercial artistry to the forefront of VFX, Dalang Digital Studio became a hub of innovation, drawing in a team of like-minded creatives. Their collaborative spirit and Gaga's visionary leadership quickly gained recognition.

Fast forward to 2020, a pivotal year for Gaga and Dalang Digital Studio. Their work on the film "Ratu Ilmu Hitam" earned them the prestigious Piala Citra Award for Best VFX, a testament to their dedication, creativity, and impact on the film industry. Gaga's evolution from a CG Artist in 2004 to a celebrated VFX Supervisor and the founder of an award-winning studio showcases not just his personal growth but also the transformative power of passion and commitment in the world of visual effects.


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